Coughlan Claims Victory in Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial Board Forum for Comptroller

On Tuesday, October 3, 2017, Jim Coughlan gained another clear victory in the second campaign forum against his opponent Robin Lois. For a second consecutive time, there was a stark contrast between Coughlan and his opponent between substance and fluff. Coughlan continues to provide clear, concise answers as to why he has earned another term as Dutchess County Comptroller.

“My opponent lacks the experience to provide any substantive answers, let alone manage a budget of over $400 million. The voters received a clear message on Tuesday; she is not ready to be Comptroller. My record of independence and results came through loud and clear with the Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial Board and the voters got a first hand look at how I have earned their vote and re-election.”

In the forum, my opponent claimed that the goal of a budget is to be balanced, not to have a surplus or deficit, and to continue to have this surplus is not a healthy thing for the County. She stated a “healthy balance should be between four and eight percent, maybe ten percent of your county budget. We’re at thirteen percent and that is too high right now.”

Coughlan responded to her claims by explaining that “having a modest operating surplus is just the natural event of things,” when you have to budget for items like energy costs not knowing how volatile the energy market is. The New York State Comptroller recommends a fund balance between ten and fifteen percent. Coughlan continued by saying, “Right now it is 13.4%… that is still not egregious; it is healthy. It allows us to do things that are new, provocative, and interesting.”

Coughlan concluded, “My skill sets make me uniquely qualified to be re-elected as Comptroller. Experience matters and eight years as Comptroller has provided me the knowledge and understanding of what this office needs to keep Dutchess on the right track and moving in the right direction.”

To watch the entire video of the Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial Board Forum, please click the following link: