We know hard work matters!

Earlier this month we had a campaign finance filing and are proud to say we raised over $35,000! After the filing we learned I may not be as rich as my opponent, but I will not be outworked. Dutchess County’s Independence, Republican, and Conservative voters cannot be bought by the elite. We know hard work matters. Shoe leather matters. Sweat equity counts and experience matters. I do not take lightly that the hardworking people and business owners across Dutchess, who gave to my campaign, have done so because they believe in what I have, and will, continue to accomplish as your Comptroller.
The last few months have been busy for us! Not only did we qualify for the Independence, Republican, and Conservative lines on the ballot this November, we have also been hard at work knocking on doors, talking with the people of Dutchess County, and joining so many of you at numerous events across the county. My opponent has qualified for the Reform Party line in an effort to hold another place on the ballot, challenging the support I have received from the Dutchess County Independence Party. In reality, the Independence Party is more than just another line for me, their support of my candidacy validates what I have worked so hard for over the last 25 years; a successful private sector career prior to taking office and demonstrating strong leadership and unquestioned competence while making Dutchess more fiscally sound ever since.

One of the core principals of the Independence Party is supporting candidates who have helped encourage change through hard work and good character, not through financial backing from the elite. The numbers do not lie and the voters will not be tricked. I’ve helped reform government every day since I have been in office and will continue working for you!